Guardianship Services

GSN, Inc. Accepts direct appointment by the courts as Guardian or Guardian ad Litem in jurisdictions statewide. Services include case management and 24-hour on call.

GSN, Inc. Provides Co-guardianship and general assistance to guardians, including ensuring compliance with Nevada Revised Statutes through consultations, care management and support services.

Educating the community about the purpose, functions, and legal process of guardianships, including supporting the use of the Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics developed by the National Guardianship Association.

Assisting attorneys and their clients through consultation and direct services.

Fiduciary Services

GSN, Inc. will serve as the Administrator/Personal Representative in the probate of estates.

GSN, Inc. will accept fiduciary appointments and serve as fiduciary for a variety of estate plans, including trustee and successor trustee with court confirmation.

If a guardianship is not appropriate, GSN, Inc. can provide crisis financial case management to clients who need assistance in managing their financial situation.

Quality Assurance Case Management for Trustees and others in a fiduciary role.

GSN Serves As:
* Guardians to adults (and minors
in certain situations)
* Co-Guardians with family and
friends including those out-of-state
* Fiduciaries for estate plans
* Personal representatives in probates
* Guardian-ad-Litem
All information provided herein is offered as a courtesy and should not replace the advice of qualified legal counsel who can advise their clients in these affairs.
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