We are committed to providing you with the highest quality of care for your loved one. Below are points you will want to consider when interviewing Guardianship companies.

GSN has been serving our clients since 1999. We have several clients that have shared their experiences of working with GSN. We will be happy to share this information upon your request.

Our service goals are to maintain dignity and independence to the greatest extent possible while safeguarding the client's person and estate. We are here to protect your loved one and make the guardianship transition as gentle as possible.

We coordinate quality care to those who are no longer able to care for themselves and/or their assets in accordance with legal requirements. In doing so, we always try to keep in mind the importance of respecting their history, their culture, and try to honor their wishes and desires as much as possible.

We believe in the family having a sense of control in their loved one's lives whenever possible. In assisting family in continuing to participate in their loved ones' lives, we specialize in Co-Guardianships. If a Co-Guardianship is not feasible, GSN can serve as sole Guardian while still trying to keep family as involved as much as possible.

Oversee trusts, and distribution of estates and other property as directed by the courts and state law.
GSN Serves As:
* Guardians to adults (and minors
in certain situations)
* Co-Guardians with family and
friends including those out-of-state
* Fiduciaries for estate plans
* Personal representatives in probates
* Guardian-ad-Litem
All information provided herein is offered as a courtesy and should not replace the advice of qualified legal counsel who can advise their clients in these affairs.
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