Bonni Walker

Bachelor of Social Work
National Master Guardian

Bonni K.Walker is a native Nevadan. She is a National Master Certified Guardian through the National Guardianship Association and has worked as a Professional Guardian since September 2004. Ms. Walker is a graduate of the University of Nevada-Reno with a Bachelor of Science in Social Work. She has six and a half years of experience as a Social Worker in Long Term Care, ten and a half years experience as a Social Worker with Washoe County Senior Services and is a member of both the National Guardianship Association and Nevada Guardianship Association.

GSN Serves As:
* Guardians to adults (and minors
in certain situations)
* Co-Guardians with family and
friends including those out-of-state
* Fiduciaries for estate plans
* Personal representatives in probates
* Guardian-ad-Litem
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