The GSN Guardians have over sixty years of experience in community and long-term care case management of seniors and persons with disabilities. We have managed over 1,000 guardianship cases of the person and estate for the elderly, mentally ill, and adults with intellectual disabilities.

Active in advocacy and legislative issues on community, state, and national levels.

Working toward the state licensure of Guardianship Services of NV, Inc. which is a Private Professional Guardian entity as stated by the Nevada revised Statutes (NRS) under Section 159.0594. (2016 is the first year licensure is available for Private Professional Guardianship companies or individuals)

Certified under the Center for Guardianship Certification. Three as National Master Guardians and two as National Certified Guardians.

National Master Guardian - The Center for Guardianship Certification certifies Master Guardians as having an Advanced Degree with three years of full-time professional guardian experience, a Bachelors degree and five years relevant experience, or twelve years relevant experience, upon application and passing the Master Guardian Exam.

National Certified Guardian - The Center for Guardianship Certification certifies a National Certified Guardian as someone who has one year of relevant work experience after sitting for and passing the Guardianship exam.

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